As we all know you have to pay for your TV licence in the United Kingdom.

Our view on this is as follows:

The BBC makes us all pay our TV licence and what for? Just because the service of the BBC is being broadcast over a frequency that all our TVs, and DAB`s receive as standard.

Also is the BBC going to charge the world a fee when they start broadcasting over the internet?

Who knows?

We all buy TV sets, but what says we have to watch the BBC channels? Just because something is there we should not have to pay for it, its like petrol. We pay for it when we need it, yes, and not pay for it when we do not want it.

The BBC should make there channels pay-per-view, or advertise like the rest of the channels have to, to make there revenue.

This would abolish the licence, and mean we only have to pay for it when we need it and not because its there we have to pay for it. That is like me saying “right everyone has got to pay for my radio broadcast, because its there, and you do not have any choice at all to argue”

As you can tell this does not go down a treat.

So lets here what you have to say about this, do you think its time to abolish the TV licence?

Our view is yes, its totally wrong and its extortion.