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Welcome to RCR UK – Blogging Britain. Our Blog is here so that we can hear the views of people living in Britain, and how the different cultures of people reflect on society.

We would like to Blog your views on crime, and other issues in your area of the UK.

In “Lancashire” a lot of the people who live here are frightened of going out on a night time because of how bad the crime is here and in some cases causing people to be “house bound”. Maybe you live in an area of the UK which you would like to give your view on, and how bad crime affects your lives.

Crime is supposedly decreasing, and more policing is supposed to be on the street. Please give your views on how the police are helping in your areas of the UK, and if you think they are doing there job properly, maybe you have some ideas of how policing can better itself.

Post your comments today, and let us try to make a difference.
Hopefully attract the attention of our members of parliament, and hope for the best really.

Crime is becoming in tolerable in the UK, and we need to do more to stop it!

What we would like to do here is get as many responses as possible from people in the United Kingdom, giving there views on how crime is affecting yourself, and from the responses you give we can then achieve a better blog site, and make it more interesting for viewers.

We need your feedback! Give your views now.

If you live in other countries other than the United Kingdom maybe you would like to give your views on your stay in the UK, if you have visited.

We will be updating more in this blog so please come back and read more.

Please note that we do not allow advertising, and inappropriate comments. Unless approved by the Administrator.

If you would like to advertise on here, please drop us an email with your request.

If you are a victim of crime or want to finds ways to prevent it please visit the following link location. It is operated by the Government:
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As we all know you have to pay for your TV licence in the United Kingdom.

Our view on this is as follows:

The BBC makes us all pay our TV licence and what for? Just because the service of the BBC is being broadcast over a frequency that all our TVs, and DAB`s receive as standard.

Also is the BBC going to charge the world a fee when they start broadcasting over the internet?

Who knows?

We all buy TV sets, but what says we have to watch the BBC channels? Just because something is there we should not have to pay for it, its like petrol. We pay for it when we need it, yes, and not pay for it when we do not want it.

The BBC should make there channels pay-per-view, or advertise like the rest of the channels have to, to make there revenue.

This would abolish the licence, and mean we only have to pay for it when we need it and not because its there we have to pay for it. That is like me saying “right everyone has got to pay for my radio broadcast, because its there, and you do not have any choice at all to argue”

As you can tell this does not go down a treat.

So lets here what you have to say about this, do you think its time to abolish the TV licence?

Our view is yes, its totally wrong and its extortion.
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At the moment the police in the United Kingdom are thinking of adding everyone to their DNA database. Do you think that this is a good thing? or a bad thing?

I personally think its a totally bad thing as your DNA can be found almost anywhere you go, say for instance you scratched your head at a crime scene, and did not know it was a crime scene, the police would be on your back like a dog to a rabbit…..and most of all you will have to explain why your hair was found at that particular spot.

These little things could be enough to send you to prison for something that you have not done, so here is a chance to have your say.

Should we all walk around wrapped in Clingfilm……
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DNA fingerprinting is a way of identifying a specific individual, rather than simply identifying a species or some particular trait. It is also known as genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling. As a technology, it has been around since at least 1985, when it was announced by its inventor, Sir Alec Jeffreys. DNA fingerprinting is currently used both for identifying paternity or maternity and for identifying criminals or victims.

There is discussion of using DNA fingerprinting as a sort of personal identifier as well, although the viability of this is debatable.

The vast majority of a humans DNA will match exactly that of any other human, making distinguishing between two people rather difficult. DNA fingerprinting uses a specific type of DNA sequence, known as a microsatellite, to make identification much easier. Microsatellites are short pieces of DNA which repeat many times in a given persons DNA. In a given area, microsatellites tend to be highly variable, making them ideal for DNA fingerprinting. By comparing a number of microsatellites in a given area, one can identify a person relatively easily.

The sections of DNA used in DNA fingerprinting, although highly variable, are passed down from parents to their children. Although not all of the sections will necessarily be passed on, no child has pairs that their parents do not have. This means that by comparing large groups of these sections, paternity, maternity, or even both, may be determined. DNA fingerprinting has a high success rate and a very low false-positive rate, making it an extremely popular form of paternity and maternity verification.

In forensics, DNA fingerprinting is very attractive because it doesnt require actual fingerprints, which may or may not be left behind, and may or may not be obscured. Because all of the DNA sections are contained in every cell, any piece of a persons body, from a strand of hair to a skin follicle to a drop of blood, may be used to identify them using DNA fingerprinting. This is useful in the case of identifying a criminal, because even a drop of blood or skin left at the crime scene may be enough to establish innocence or guilt, and it is virtually impossible to remove all physical trace of ones presence. DNA fingerprinting is useful in the case of identifying victims because even in cases where the body may be disfigured past identification, and teeth or other identifying features may be destroyed, all it takes is a single cell for positive identification.

DNA fingerprinting is by no means perfect, however. It cannot establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that a specific cell comes from a specific person; it can only establish a probability. In many cases this probability is very high — one in ten billion, for example — but in some cases it may be much lower. The probability also becomes obscured when dealing with direct descendents, who may share a large portion of the examined areas of DNA with a parent.

Despite these problems, DNA fingerprinting is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of criminal forensics. Though some legal questions exist, such as the conclusiveness of DNA fingerprinting and the extent to which it is legal by national laws to compile databases of peoples DNA and to take samples of their DNA for comparison, the benefits currently seem to outweigh the problems.
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United Kingdom Property Prices – Ridiculous or Extortion?

More info to come soon, on this topic.
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Information soon to come, but please take a look at this link:

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What would you do if you was claiming Housing Benefit and Incapacity Benefit and wanted to do a Full Time Degree, with the option of claiming loans which have to be paid back.

I would say dont claim the loan and keep your housing benefit.

We have a big story on this coming soon.

The government do not have a rule for a Full-Time Student claiming Incapacity Benefit and Housing Allowance, what they like to do it fine you and then remove your eligability of claiming Housing benefit and give you no choice but to leave the course and re-claim the housing benefit.

What we are saying is that, once you become a student you are not eligable to claim housing benefit as you have the option of taking a loan out to pay for your accomodation.

If you recieve Incapacity Benefit you are entitled to Housing benefit.


If you are a Student claiming Incapacity, and housing benefit and are trying to improve your life by doing well on a course to get yourself off the benefit system, youve not got a chance in hell.

So what the government do is take away your housing benefit leaving you nothing to pay the bills, and then tell you to take the loan to pay for the accomodation. If your like my friend and want to stay at college and not take out a loan and want to keep the housing, you cannot.

What happens next; You loose your home, cant pay the bills, and then you have to leave college as your skint and live on the streets. So it would of been better to stay on benefits and not go to college to improve your life for the long run.

This clause means the government are forcing you to decide between a better education or living in accomodation.

More to come soon,

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